My Hero Academia Minecraft Addon Beta

Character will spawn with normal uniform not wearing their hero suit. if want to transform them and wearing their hero suit. You must tame them first

You can tame them with an item called "Tolol Chips". You can get them with type /give @s mha:tolol_chips. Stand closer near the target and press tame.

After you succesfully tame them, the new button will appear when you stand closely with them. You can press "transform" button to make them wearing their hero suit.
In this case, the first tolol chips is used for make them transformable to their hero suit. it means you need more "Tolol Chips" to tame them when they're wearing hero suit.3

When they succesfully transformed. Their attack and their health will extremely increase. And also, you can tame them to make them more stronger.

I cant give more explanation about this addon since this addon still in Beta. I just spent my free time to create the base of this addon because lots of people requesting this addon.
Subscribe my Youtube Channel ( Team Tolol) or following my instagram (@yeskyadrianes) for more information about the future update of this addon

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